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Strategy Introduction

The purpose of talent selection is fundamentally to enable enterprises to gain competitive advantages and thereby enhance their core competitiveness. Specifically, the purpose of personnel selection is to select the most suitable personnel for the requirements of the enterprise from the recruited candidates, in order to achieve enterprise human resource planning, while paying attention to the cultivation of existing talents. Effectively implement the company’s human resources strategy. In terms of employee compensation, the company implements performance evaluation for all employees, introduces market pressure and fair competition mechanisms internally, implements a salary system that combines position salary and performance bonus, and maximizes the motivation of employees. The company will care about employees’ families and remove their worries. It can also improve organizational harmony and cohesion by establishing various interest groups and sports and entertainment activities, increase social opportunities, and meet their pursuit of happiness and social needs.

Strategic Target

Human resources are the most important strategic resource of our Unilong Industry. The quality of human resources depends on the quality of each company’s employees. Therefore, the company is building three core teams of the enterprise:

Operation and management personnel

Build a team that is good at management, possesses good professional ethics, and is adept at using modern management methods to manage personnel.

Professional technical personnel

Build a team of technical personnel with strong professionalism, innovation ability, keeping up with cutting-edge technologies, and continuously enriching the core technology of the enterprise.

Front-line operator team

Build a team of senior technical workers and general workers with good adaptability, coordination ability, diligence, perseverance, and a high level of professionalism.