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Safety Production Principle

People oriented, who is in charge and responsible

Safe development, adhering to safety first

Security has veto power

Putting the protection of people’s lives and safety first

Tree prison safety development concept

The principle of seeking truth from facts and not concealing or falsely reporting all accidents

Safety is the lifeline

Putting people first, adhering to safe development, adhering to safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive governance.

The key to safety production is to enhance people’s safety awareness. The key is to always adhere to the people-oriented ideology, start from establishing the dominant position of consciousness, emphasize that safety is the responsibility of managers, improve the quality of employees’ injuries at multiple levels, and build a solid safety wall. Guide employees to consciously and actively participate, and create a bottom-up, proactive and spontaneous “I want to be safe” good atmosphere.

Advocating green concepts and sharing civilized life

Practice the concept of “green”

Advocating energy conservation, water conservation, and energy consumption reduction in daily life, we have collaborated with workshop unions to organize employees to seriously learn energy-saving knowledge and requirements, take the lead in sharing energy-saving experiences, and have deeply rooted in people’s hearts. We have improved the online detection system for characteristic pollutants at the factory boundary, achieving standard emissions and ecological development.


Quality Assurance

The company produces in strict accordance with the requirements of quality management system and environmental protection system.

After-Sale Service

Within 30 days after delivery, if the product quality is unqualified, the professional after-sales team will help you investigate, mediate and solve, and make due compensation.​​​​​​​

Fast delivery

Usually shipment will be made within 7-15 days against confirmed order.

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