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Benzophenone with cas 119-61-9

Molecular Formula:C13H10O
Molecular Weight:182.22
Appearance:White to off-white Crystalline Powder or Flakes
Synonyms:a-Oxoditane;Benzene, benzoyl-;benzoyl-benzen;diphenylketone(benzophenone) ;Diphenyl-methanon;Kayacure bp;Ketone, diphenyl

What is Benzophenone

Benzophenone appears as colorless prismatic crystals, with sweetness and aroma of roses, melting point is 47-49 ℃, the relative density is 1.1146, refractive index is 1.6077. It is soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and other organic solvents and monomers, insoluble in water. It is a free radical photoinitiator, are mainly used in free radical UV curing systems , such as coatings, inks, adhesives and so on, and also used as the intermediates of organic pigments, pharmaceuticals, perfume, and insecticide .


Appearance   White Crystal powder or flakes Pass
 Purity (%) ≥99.5% 99.97%
 Melting Point  47℃-49℃  47℃-49℃
Volatile ≤0.1% 0.1%
Colour index(%) ≤60% 40%


Benzophenone is used as a synthetic intermediate for manufacture of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. It is also used as a photoinitiator in UV-curable printing inks, as a fragrance in perfumes, as a flavor enhancer in foods. Benzophenone can be added as a UV-absorbing agent to plastics, lacquers, and coatings at concentrations of 2–8%.


25kg bag or requirement of clients. Keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.


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