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What Is Squalane?

What Is Squalane?

Many beauty enthusiasts spend a lot of time and energy on skin management, but the effect is minimal, and there are still various skin problems, deeply troubled by problematic muscles. Especially for girls, regardless of age, it is human nature to love beauty. Why do you do enough hydration work for your skin every day, or do you get dry and shaky? Why is the skin constantly prone to acne, which persists for a long time? Why do oil and long spots often accompany skin travel? Next, I would like to share —Squalane, a common ingredient in skin care products, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is Squalane?

Squalane CAS 111-01-3 is a colorless liquid. Most of them are found in shark Cod liver oil, which is made from squalene through hydrogenation, and a few of them are from olive oil and human fat. The predecessor of Squalane is squalene, but it does not have the antioxidant capacity of squalene, nor can it be converted into squalene on the skin, which does not stimulate and sensitize the skin. Squalane is a stable, well absorbed oil that can moisturize the skin and has good affinity for the skin. It is a very safe cosmetic raw material.

Squalane is a component in many skin care products, which has the function of beauty and skin care, such as relieving dry skin, softening skin, protecting skin, delaying skin aging, and improving Melasma.

  1. Relieve dry skin

Squalane is an inherent ingredient in the skin, which can alleviate dry skin, nourish skin, and have a good moisturizing effect.

  1. Make the skin soft

Squalane has good permeability and can enter into the skin, becoming softer, more tender and younger.

  1. Protecting the skin

Squalane will form a protective film on the skin surface, which has the effect of water locking. Especially suitable in dry and windy seasons to avoid skin damage from the external environment.

  1. Delaying skin aging

Squalane can inhibit skin Lipid peroxidation, promote the proliferation of skin basal cells, and alleviate skin aging.

  1. Improve Melasma

With the growth of age, many women have Melasma on their faces. Skin care products containing Squalane can be used, because the shark pattern has the effect of reducing melasma.

What are the characteristics of Squalane?

Squalane is a kind of stable, skin friendly, soft, mild and active high-end natural oil. Its appearance is colorless transparent liquid with high chemical stability. Squalane is rich in texture and non greasy after dispersed application. Squalane is a kind of oil with excellent sense of use. Due to its good permeability and cleansing effect on the skin, it is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Squalane is a natural component of sebum, which can be considered as bionic sebum and can help other active ingredients penetrate; Squalane plays a crucial role in skin barrier repair.

Squalane is extremely mild because of its stability and high purity, less impurities in the product, and it is a part of the skin. It can be applied to sensitive skin and baby skin without causing acne. It has no sticky feeling during and after application, and has a soft cushion after absorption, improving the softness and moisturizing feeling of the skin.

Squalane is a saturated alkane. Under high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, it will not be rancid like vegetable oil. It is stable at -30 ℃ -200 ℃ and can be used in thermoplastic products such as lipstick. Squalane can be used in hair care products to increase brightness and alienation; Not irritating to the skin, not allergenic, very safe, especially suitable for baby care products.

Although there is only one word difference between Squalane and squalene, Squalane has more advantages, with good skin affinity, permeability and moisturizing effect. But don’t blindly deify the efficacy of Squalane. When buying skin care products containing Squalane, you should consider the cost performance ratio. Squalane is not recommended to buy products with inflated prices.

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