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Do you know that 1-Methylcyclopene can keep fresh

Do you know that 1-Methylcyclopene can keep fresh

July is the peak of summer, and during hot and humid summers, food can become a fertile medium for bacteria at any time. Especially fruits and vegetables, if newly purchased fruits and vegetables are not stored in the refrigerator, they can only be stored for one day. And every summer, there are many cases of diarrhea caused by “eating poorly”, both adults and children, often mistaken for eating too “cold”. In fact, low-temperature food or beverages do indeed cause some friends to have faster intestinal peristalsis, but generally do not cause people to run to the restroom several times a day. So at this point, the first thing to consider is the intestinal infection caused by food hygiene. Is the food that is consumed rotting and spoiling? So how can we eat fresh fruits and vegetables in the hot summer?

Do you know that 1-Methylcyclopene can keep fresh

At this point, the first thing we think of is refrigerator storage. However, there are many kinds of food and drinks stored in refrigerators, among which there are many foods that “inject bacteria” into refrigerators, such as eggs that may carry salmonella, and raw meat, fruits and vegetables that may carry pathogenic Escherichia coli, pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus and parasites. And the refrigerator also has a shelf life for preservation. Generally, food that takes 2-3 days must be eaten, otherwise it will rot in the refrigerator over time. At the same time, the refrigerator also has a certain amount of storage space, which is only used for household use. If it is a large supermarket, how do we keep the food fresh from the source merchants we purchase?

With the development of economic globalization, the import and export of fruits and vegetables has become the norm. In the face of this situation, we have to study a new type of preservative- -1-MCP fruit and vegetable preservative. Once the product was developed, it received a high response. Because this is a non-toxic, highly safe, and significantly effective preservative. Next, let’s talk about the ingredients of 1-MCP fruit and vegetable preservative.

Do you know that 1-Methylcyclopene can keep fresh

What is 1-Methylcyclopropene?

1-Methylcyclopropene, abbreviated as 1-MCP in English, CAS 3100-04-7 chemical formula is C4H6. Under normal temperature and pressure, the appearance is colorless gas, non-toxic and tasteless, with a density of 0.838g/cm3. It is a very active Cyclopropene compound. 1-Methyl Cyclopropene is mainly used as a plant growth regulator and is widely used in the field of plant preservation. It has the advantages of low consumption, good preservation effect and high safety.

Characteristics of 1-MCP

1-MCP can inhibit the release of ethylene by plants themselves, and also block the binding of ethylene to related receptors in plant cells, thereby inhibiting the ripening effect of ethylene. Therefore, the application of 1-Methylcyclopene can effectively prolong the maturation and aging process of plants, thereby prolonging their shelf life, reducing corruption and waste during transportation and storage, and extending the shelf life of goods.

Applications of 1-MCP

1-MCP can be applied to the preservation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers to prevent plant wilting. For example, when applied to fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, plums, kiwifruit, and tomatoes, it can delay their ripening, reduce water evaporation, and maintain their hardness, taste, and nutritional composition; In terms of flower preservation, it can maintain the color and fragrance of the flowers. In addition, 1-Methylcyclopene can also improve plant disease resistance. 1-Methylcyclopene is a new milestone in fruit and vegetable preservation after modified atmosphere preservation.

After the epidemic, the economy recovered, and the development of global trade was gradually expanding. Every year, each country would produce a large number of local fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the imperfect development of agricultural cold chain logistics, about 85% of fruits and vegetables used ordinary logistics, resulting in a large number of decay losses, which also provided a broad market space for the promotion and application of 1-methyl Cyclopropene. Therefore, it can be seen that 1-MCP has broad development prospects, not only for various respiratory climacteric fruits and vegetables, but also can effectively extend post harvest storage and shelf life, especially for ethylene sensitive fruits and vegetables, and can maintain the original quality of fruits and vegetables for a long time.

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