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What is polyvinylpyrrolidone used for?

What is polyvinylpyrrolidone used for?

What is Polyvinylpyrrolidone?

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is abbreviated as PVP, with the molecular formula of C10H15NO and the CAS number of 9003-39-8. It is also known as Poly-1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidon, polyvinyl pyrrolidone. PVP is a non ionic polymer compound that can be divided into two forms, commonly known as powder and aqueous solution.General PVP products can be divided into three grades: industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade, and food grade. Therefore, PVP is widely used in many fields such as medicine, textiles, chemicals, beverages, and daily chemicals. So how much do you know about PVP? Let’s take you through the degradation process briefly.

Generally, we often see pvp K 15/K 30/K 60, etc. What does the K value determine? Let’s explain in detail what the K value is. The K value is an important factor determining the performance of PVP. “K value” refers to the value calculated from the viscosity measurement value of a dilute polymer solution, which is related to the degree of polymerization or molecular size. In general, the higher the K value, the greater the molecular weight, the greater the viscosity, and the stronger the adhesion. According to the specification and molecular weight of the product, it can be divided into viscosity levels of K15, K30, K60, and K90.

To facilitate your understanding, let me share with you the molecular weight corresponding to the K value of the PVP product:

PVP K value and molecular weight
Model K-value Molecular weight
PVP K12 10.2-13.8 3000-7000
PVP K15 12.75-17.25 8000-12000
PVP K17 15.3-18.36 10000-16000
PVP K25 22.5-27.0 30000-40000
PVP K30 27.0-32.4 45000-58000
PVP K60 54.0-64.8 270000-400000
PVP K90 81.0-97.2 1000000-1500000

Therefore, when purchasing products, everyone can choose the K value of PVP based on their actual needs, because different K values may have different uses for the product, and of course, the price is also different.

What is polyvinylpyrrolidone used for?

Pharmaceutical field

Pvp can be used as a pharmaceutical excipient in medicine to play the role of tablet adhesive, solubilization, coating tablets, co precipitation and grinding, slow release agent, disintegrating agent, and so on.

Daily chemical field

Pvp has a good affinity and has a good protective effect on skin and hair. It can be used as styling gel, hair conditioner, and hair dye on hair. It can also be used in face cream and sunscreen. At the same time, it can also be used as a surfactant in daily chemicals.

Food field

It is mainly used as a stabilizer and clarifier for beer, wine, and fruit juices, with a relatively large market space for alcohol and beverages.

Industrial field

It is used as a processing aid for various coatings and water treatment film materials. The application of PVP in water-based coatings, conductive coatings, anti leakage coatings, automotive coatings, anti UV coatings, and other aspects will have outstanding performance in the future. Therefore, it can also be used as a dispersant and conductive material processing aid for lithium battery electrodes.

PVP has excellent solubility, chemical stability, low toxicity, film formation, and other advantages, and is widely used in many fields. Therefore, the market prospect of PVP is very broad. If you have any other questions about the product, welcome to consult and look forward to communicating with you.

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