What is N-Vinylcaprolactam

What is N-Vinylcaprolactam

N-vinylcaprolactam physical properties

N-vinylcaprolactam is a white to light yellow solid with good solubility and thermal stability. These physical properties make it widely applicable in the preparation of polymer materials.


N-vinylcaprolactam product performance

Ethylene caprolactam (CAS No. 2235-00-9) is an olefin monomer. Its unsaturated double bond activity is high, and homopolymers and copolymers have inherent characteristics such as high polarity, water solubility, chemical stability, low toxicity, and cationic activity. In the field of radiation curing, it can improve the adhesion of coatings and inks, and has good adhesion to different substrates. It is a high value-added, environmentally friendly adhesive monomer. Meanwhile, it is also an ethylene based monomer suitable for UV curing reactions, which can be used in UV coatings UV ink UV polymerization reactions of various unsaturated systems such as UV adhesives. L is suitable for free radical curing systems.

Vinyl groups, N-vinylcaprolactam molecules contain vinyl groups, which give it strong activity and can participate in many important chemical reactions, such as polymerization and crosslinking reactions.


N-vinylcaprolactam product structure

N-vinylcaprolactam is an important organic compound with the molecular formula C10H17N02. Its structure contains a caprolactam ring and a vinyl group, which gives it unique properties and applications.

N-vinylcaprolactam features and applications:

Summary: It is a solid at room temperature, with a melting point of 34 degrees and good adhesion. Due to its unique structure and properties, N-vinylcaprolactam has important application value in fields such as medicine, cosmetics, food packaging, inks, coatings, etc. It can be used for the preparation of biomedical materials, modification of water-based coatings, etc


1. High performance UV ink. Especially in inkjet, it exhibits good curing speed, adhesion, and dilution performance, making it a mainstream UV raw material

2. High performance UV adhesive

Adhesion: Balanced hardness and toughness, exhibiting excellent adhesion on various metal substrates.

Elucibility: At 50 degrees, the viscosity is 2.88mpa. s, with good dilution performance, recommended for UV inkjet UV screen printing ink.

In general, N-vinylcaprolactam produced by Unilong has a unique molecular structure and a variety of application characteristics, which has an important position and broad application prospect in the field of chemical engineering and materials science.

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