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Metal surface protection agent——Octadecanethiol

Metal surface protection agent——Octadecanethiol

Octadecanethiol is an organic sulfur compound with the chemical formula C18H38S. Octadecanethiol is liquid clear, transparent and oily at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, and solid white wax at temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius.

Octadecanethiol is mainly used in electroplating additives, surfactants, etc., as a protective agent for nickel, copper, tin, gold, silver plating, improving salt spray and functionality. The coating layer is uniform and not easy to yellow, the surface washing ability is good, and the corrosion resistance of sulfide is strong. Octadecanethiol is a master of metal protection and has significant effects in protecting metals. When exposed to air, metals are often vulnerable to oxidation, which leads to corrosion. And octadecanethiol is like a “metal bodyguard”, it can form a protective film with the metal surface, blocking oxygen in the air, so as to effectively resist the damage of corrosion. It is like putting a strong suit of armor on the metal to protect it from the claws of corrosion.

Mercaptan is one of the widely used film forming agents in water-soluble gold and silver protective agents. In fact, research on the protection of silver faces dates back to the 1930s. There are two main protection methods adopted at the earliest. One is to use thiazole, imidazole, mertan and other organic substances to react with silver surface to form an organic film, which covers the silver surface to play a protective role. The other is the use of aluminum chloride, lithium chloride and other salts, using their own hydrolysis reaction, the formation of colloids to fill the silver gap, so as to achieve protection. In recent years, through the study of polymer chemistry, the selection of emulsifiers, and the screening of organic membrane components, the performance of silver surface protectants has reached a good effect.

In many experiments, dodecyl mercaptan, tetradecyl mercaptan, hexadecyl mercaptan and octadecanethiol  have been proved to be more effective mercaptan. Among the mature formulations, hexadecylmercaptan and octadecylmercaptan are more commonly used. UNILONG is a professional manufacturer of mercaptan series products such as octadecanethiol, specializing in the research and development and sales of plating brightener intermediates and plating additives, and independently producing silver plating brightener intermediates. In the application of metal environmental protection agent core materials, we have specially prepared special octadecanethiol  and 1-Docosanethiol according to the performance of protective agent film formation, which has shown excellent performance in new energy silver plating anti-vulcanization test and sulfuric acid boiling test.

The 1-Docosanethiol chemical formula is C22H46S. 1-Docosanethiol is liquid clear, transparent and oily at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, and solid white wax at temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius. 1-Docosanethiol can make up for the deficiency of octadecanethiol, the film natural curing fast, good surface washing, strong corrosion resistance. It has good application in coating and mechanical polishing protection of silver jewelry.

Of course, in addition to metal protection can play a vital role, as an important raw material for organic sulfide synthesis, it is also used in industrial production, daily chemical supplies and other fields.

For example, in cosmetics, octadecanethiol can be used as a beauty and skin care ingredient, with multiple effects such as antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing inflammation. At the same time, it is also a natural sunscreen, it has good light absorption properties, can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, protect the skin from damage. In addition, octadecanethiol can also be used to prepare soft rubber products, so that it has better elasticity and wear resistance.

In addition, as a common organic sulfur compound, octadecanethiol is also widely used in the field of cleaning agents. Due to its strong solubility and decontamination effect, it is widely used in cleaning agents and descaling agents. In industrial production, octadecanethiol cleaners can be used to remove oil stains on machinery and equipment, candle stains and other difficult to clean dirt. In daily life, octadecanethiol cleaners can be used to clean surfaces such as kitchen utensils and bathroom facilities, effectively removing stubborn stains and maintaining cleanliness.

Finally, octadecanethiol is also very important in chemical experiments. Due to its low volatility and extremely low toxicity, it is ideal for many industrial and laboratory applications. In chemical synthesis, octadecanethiol can be used as a solvent to dissolve and catalyze the reaction substance, promote the reaction, accelerate the reaction speed, and improve the efficiency of chemical synthesis. In addition, it can also be used as an extractant to separate and purify organic compounds, thus playing an important role in chemical research and industrial production.

In short, the unique properties of octadecanethiol make it an indispensable and important substance in metal protection, chemical synthesis, industrial production and daily chemical products. With the continuous development of science and technology, we can foresee that the application of octadecanethiol in more fields will continue to expand and deepen.

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