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We welcome high-tech talents and solution experts in the fields of science and chemicals from all over the world to join Unilong and work together for the development of the chemical industry.

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1. Familiar with company products, regularly visit customers, and achieve departmental sales targets;

2. Analyze the company’s product market and target customer groups, fully understand customer needs, and provide satisfactory services to customers;

3. Regularly conduct follow-up visits to customers, receive customer feedback, and explore their potential needs to promote subsequent cooperation;

4. Timely understand the progress of customer payment collection, supervise the normal performance of contracts, and avoid overdue payments;

5. Manage customer feedback and generate sales analysis, summary reports, and promote the optimization of company products:

6. Collect market dynamics information and competitor information from the same industry, and explore potential customer groups;

7.Assist the marketing department in promoting the company’s products.

1、Marketing related majors, college degree or above; or relevant marketing experience is preferred.

2、Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity.

3, with a certain degree of market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness.

4, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure.

5.With teamwork spirit, good at challen

8-hour working hours, weekends, five insurances and one fund, food subsidies, transportation subsidies, employee children’s tuition subsidies, holiday parents’ condolences, etc., with preferential treatment, year-end dividends, and enjoy a series of professional training and holiday welfare benefits from the company.

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