Shellac CAS 9000-59-3

MW: 586.7114

CAS: 9000-59-3
MF: C15H20O6.C15H30O5
Shellac CAS 9000-59-3
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What is Shellac CAS 9000-59-3?

Shellac sheet, also known as shellac paint sheet or purple film, is obtained by shellac raw glue after hot melting or solvent dissolution of impurities, according to different requirements of the final produced shellac paint sheet color is also different. Shellac paint is a kind of biological products, used in furniture and home interior paint, with no pollutants, no irritating odor, non-toxic, no allergic symptoms to the skin, is a high-grade paint. Shellac sheet covered with Chemicalbook on ordinary paints and coatings, can prevent formaldehyde gas leakage to human body harm, to avoid direct contact with toxic substances to human skin.


Item Specification
Color index ≤14
Hot ethanol insoluble substance (%) ≥0.75
Heat hardening time(min) ≥3’
Softening point(℃) ≥72
Moisture(%) ≤2.0
Water soluble (%) ≤0.5
Lodine (g/100g) ≤20
Acid(mg/g) ≤72
Wax(%) ≤5.5
Ash(%) ≤0.3


In the military industry, shellac is mainly used as a retarder for coating agents, insulating materials, and gunpowder drugs. Shellac is also used to manufacture military equipment that is UV- and radiation-proof.Shellac mainly used as a surface coating or filler for rubber products in the rubber industry. Improve wear, oil, acid, water, and insulation. Slow down the aging process and extend the lifespan.In the food industry, shellac is also used in fruit fresh-keeping coatings to form bright films, prolong the shelf life of fruits, and increase their commercial value. Shellac is used in confectionery and pastry coatings to increase brightness, prevent moisture regain, and smear the inner walls of metal cans to prevent food from coming into contact with metal.Shellac can be widely used in food, medicine, military, electrical, ink, leather, metallurgy, machinery, wood, rubber, and other industries.Shellac paint has strong adhesion and is used in many high-grade woodware and decorations.Shellac is used in the leather industry as a bright and protective finish, characterized by fast drying, strong filling, and strong adhesion to leather, making it softer and more elastic.In the electrical industry, shellac is also used in the manufacture of insulating paperboard, laminated mica boards, ground electrical insulators, insulating varnishes, bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and solder pastes for electronic tubes.


20 kg/carton、50 kg/bag or according to customer requirements.


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Shellac CAS 9000-59-3
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