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We welcome high-tech talents and solution experts in the fields of science and chemicals from all over the world to join Unilong and work together for the development of the chemical industry.

1、Responsible for the production of biochemical products and timely handling of related technical issues, assist in the completion of the production process quality control and provide technical support.

2、Responsible for the production workshop technical problems to propose solutions to ideas and solutions, to provide process improvement recommendations and management suggestions.

3、Responsible for assisting the supervisor to complete the production plan.

4、Responsible for assisting to complete the research of new products and new processes of the company.

1. chemical engineering and process, applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, fine chemical, biotechnology, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, microbiology and other related majors, bachelor degree or above.

2. solid professional knowledge, strong hands-on ability, positive thinking, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, sense of cooperation and team spirit.

3. Comply with company regulations, demonstrate respect for others, abide by company regulations, be honest, and other good behavior standards.

8-hour working hours, weekends, five insurances and one fund, food subsidies, transportation subsidies, employee children’s tuition subsidies, holiday parents’ condolences, etc., with preferential treatment, year-end dividends, and enjoy a series of professional training and holiday welfare benefits from the company.

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