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What is methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl used for

What is methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl used for

Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl, abbreviated as MMT, has been widely used in the world’s oil refining enterprises mainly as a good antiknock agent for gasoline since its advent. MMT, decomposed into active manganese oxide particles under combustion conditions, due to its surface effect,(destroy the peroxides already generated in the automobile engine, resulting in a reduction in the concentration of peroxides in the pre-flame reaction, while selectively interrupting a part of the chain reaction, thereby preventing automatic ignition, reducing the speed of energy release, so that the antiknock of the fuel is improved.

Cas 12108-13-3
Appearance Orange yellow or orange liquid
Purity ≥  97.0%±2%
Mn Content ≥  24.4%
Water(ppm) ≤400ppm

MMT performance characteristics:

Improve vehicle power and reduce fuel consumption.

MMT has good compatibility with oxygen-containing components, MMT has good compatibility with MTBE and ethanol in improving octane number.

Improve refining operations:

  1. Reduce the severity of the operation of the reforming device.
  2. Reduce the aromatics content in gasoline.
  3. Reduce the olefin content in gasoline.
  4. Reduce the demand for crude oil.

To increase the flexibility of oil blending, various specifications of gasoline products can be blended by rational use of MMT, MTBE, reformed gasoline, catalytic gasoline and straight-run gasoline.

MMT advantages

With MTBE, ethanol in the improvement of octane number has a good admixture, can meet the higher octane number, but also can avoid excessive use

MTBE reduces the dynamic performance of vehicles.

It can reduce the emission of pollutants in the automobile exhaust, and the CO and NOx in the engine exhaust have a certain degree of decline;

Burning gasoline containing MMT can remove phosphorus and reduce sediment on the catalyst, which can extend the life of the catalyst and keep the catalyst alive

To reduce pollutant emissions more effectively;

Improve refining operation, increase the flexibility of oil blending, and reduce the rigor of reforming unit operation.

MMT uses:

  1. MMT can be used as gasoline anti-riot agent, gasoline magnifying agent, unleaded gasoline antiknock agent, gasoline octane number improver, magnifying agent, eutrophic agent, magnesium metal compound.
  2. MMT is flammable and highly toxic, decomposing toxic manganese oxide fumes in the fire.
  3. MMT was originally used as a supplement to leaded gasoline and later to increase the octane number of unleaded gasoline.
  4. MMT synthesis process is simple, has good explosion-proof performance, easy to remove combustion deposits, does not block the exhaust gas catalytic purifier, low toxicity, high environmental safety, can replace tetraethyl lead as an antiknock agent.
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