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What is a Carbomer?

What is a Carbomer?

Carbomer, also known as polycarboxylate, is a polymer formed by chemical crosslinking of acrylic acid or acrylate with allyl group ether. It can be used as thickener, dispersant, flocculant, adhesive, film forming agent, etc., and is widely used in coating, plastic, paper making, textile, rubber, food, medicine, cosmetics, water treatment and other industries. In addition, for cosmetics manufacturers, its process is simple and stable, so it is also favored by cosmetics manufacturers, and is widely used in lotion, creams, and gel.

Basic information of Carbomer:


Synonym: Carbomer; Carbopol; Carbomer 940

Molecular formula: C15H17ClO3

Similar model: Carbomer 940; Carbomer 960; Carbomer 980; Carbomer 941; Carbomer 934 etc.

Molecular weight :280.74668

EINECS number: 618-435-5

Specification parameters:

Product Name: Carbomer 934p
CAS 9003-01-4
Item Standard


Appearance White powder White powder
0.5% aqueous solution viscosity 25,000-45,000mpa.s 65.2%
-COOH% 56.0%-68.0% 20100mpa.s
Ignition Residue ≤2.0% 1.3%
Residual ethyl acetate ≤0.5% 0.33%
Residual Cyclohexane ≤0.3% 0.21%
Acrylic acid ≤0.25% 0.12%
Loss on drying ≤2.0% 1.1%
Conclusion Qualified
Product Name: Carbomer 680
CAS 9007-20-9
Item Standard


Appearance White powder White powder
0.5% aqueous solution viscosity ≥45000mpa.s 58000mpa.s
0.5% aqueous solution  transmittance(420mm) ≥85% 85.0%
Residual ethyl acetate ≤0.5% 0.33%
Residual cyclohexane ≤0.3% 0.12%
Acrylic acid ≤0.25% 0.10%
Loss on drying ≤2.0% 0.83%
Conclusion Qualified
Product Name: Carbomer 980
CAS 9007-20-9
Item Standard


Appearance White powder White powder
0.5% aqueous solution viscosity 40000-60000mpa.s 52100mpa.s
0.2%aqueous solution viscosity 13000-30000mpa.s 20100mpa.s
0.5% aqueous solution  transmittance(420mm) ≥92% 92.6%
Residual ethyl acetate ≤0.5% 0.35%
Residual cyclohexane ≤0.3% 0.19%
Acrylic acid ≤0.25% 0.13%
Loss on drying ≤2.0% 0.72%

What is a Carbomer

How much do you know about Carbomer?

Through the above description, we understand that carbomer has a wide range of uses, not only in the field of cosmetics, but also plays an important role in the field of medicine and epidemic prevention

As is well known, since 2020, antivirus and bactericidal products have been widely used, especially for hand cleaning, which has led to a significant increase in the demand for hand sanitizers. As one of the main components of free hand sanitizers, carbomer also caused a stir at that time, and even ran out of stock.


How much do you know about the different types and applications of Carbomer?

In addition to being able to apply to hand sanitizers for sterilization and disinfection, what other fields can Carbomer be applied to?

1.Thickening. It can generate a wide range of viscosity and fluidity.
2.Suspension. Capable of permanently suspending insoluble components in the system;
3.Emulsification. It can play an emulsifying and stabilizing role in the oil or water phase.

According to the different functions of carbomer, carbomer is divided into several main models. For example, the carbomer 940 model is characterized by its ability to produce high viscosity permanent emulsions and colloids produced by suspensions, good transparency, and short flowability; The characteristics of the carbomer 934 type are good thickening effect, strong shear resistance, permanent stability at high viscosity, and long-term fluidity in aqueous solution, making it very suitable for use in cream cosmetics; carbomer 941 has an efficient thickening effect and can be used to try clear and transparent water or alcohol. There are various types of Carbomer models, and we won’t list them here.

At present, our factory has upgraded carbomer 940 to carbomer 980.

In order to be safer, we use cyclohexane to make Carbomer 980, so that our product ingredients will be safer and the effect will be better.

Of course, Carbomer 980 is the same as Carbomer 940 in terms of viscosity and light transmittance.

If you have no special requirements on light transmittance and viscosity, we also recommend Carbomer 680, the price will be cheaper.

Next, we will understand the medicinal uses of carbomer: firstly, it is used as a controlled release drug made of sustained-release materials for application; Second, it can be used as a topical drug formula and carrier matrix to make ointment, suppository, cream, gel, lotion, etc; Third, the bioadhesive patch made of its gel, adhesiveness and film-forming properties is used as the carrier matrix and drug in the bioadhesive, which improves the bioavailability of the drug due to its long retention time in the tissue mucosa; Fourthly, by utilizing its suspension ability, it can effectively suspend insoluble components to form a uniformly dispersed system. When applied to oral suspensions, it is safe and effective, odorless, stable, and improves bioavailability.

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