Dimethyl thio-toluene Diamine DMTDA With Cas 106264-79-3

EINECS No.: 403-240-8
Synonym:2,4-Diamino-3,5-dimethylthiotoluene;dimethyl thio-toluene diamine; DADMT; 4-Methyl-2,5-bis(methylthio)benzene-1,3-diamine

CAS: 106264-79-3
Purity: 99%
MF: C9H12N2S
Dimethyl thio-toluene Diamine DMTDA With Cas 106264-79-3
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What is DMTDA Cas 106264-79-3?

DMTDA is a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing and crosslinking agent, in which there are mainly two isomers, namely the mixture of 2,4 – and 2,6 – dimethylthiotoluene diamine (the ratio is about 77~80/17~20). Compared with the commonly used MOCA, DMTDA is a liquid with low viscosity at normal temperature, which can be used for construction operation at low temperature, and has low chemical equivalent.


Product Name: Dimethyl thio-toluene diamine Batch No. 20220725
Cas 106264-79-3 MF Date  2022.07.25
Packing 200kg/iron drum Analysis Date  2023.07.24
Quantity 16000KGS Expiry Date  2023.07.24
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid Conform
Diamine Assay ( GC)   ≥95% 97.16
Color Value (Gardner) ≤8 4
TDA Assay ≤0.1% No
Amine Value 525-535 530
Water Content ≤0.1% 0.069
Conclusion Qualified


1. It is a new type of liquid curing agent for polyurethane elastomer. It is widely used in polyurethane casting, coating, RIM, SPUA, polyurethane tire and adhesive for chain extension or cross-linking, and is also a curing agent for epoxy resin.

2. As hardener, when added to TDI and MTDI two-liquid polyurethane elastomers, it must be added at the rate of 10%. In the construction and civil industry, it is often used as an additive for fireproof coating (layer top and side wall), corrosion protection of metal materials (coating on the inner wall of iron pipe), and other aspects. The polyurethane product that can react with other substances without any treatment is superior to the product of MOCA (Mocha) hardener.

3. Used for polyurethane printing rubber scraper, oil pipe cleaning scraper, etc., to improve the oil resistance of polyurethane, and the volume expansion rate is also low.

4. In addition, it is widely used in the textile, paper and printing industries. It can be said that it has a broad market from the aviation and aerospace industry to the general civil industry.


200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container
1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container

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DiMethylthiotoluenediaMine (DMTDA, E-300); 2,4-Diamino-3,5-dimethylthiotoluene; dimethyl thio-toluene diamine; DADMT; 1,3-Benzenediamine, 2(or 4)-methyl-4,6(or 2,6)-bis(methylthio)-; Ethacure 300; ETHACURE; 2(or 4)-Methyl-4,6(or 2,6)-bis(methylthio)-1,3-benzenediamine; 6-methyl-2,4-bis(methylthio)phenylene-1,3-diamine; Dimethyl Thio Toluene Diamine (DMTDA); 1,3-Benzenediamine, 4,6(or 2,6)-bis(methylthio)-2(or 4)-methyl-; 4,6(Or 2,6)-bis(methylthio)-2(or 4)-methyl-1,3-benzenediamine; Ccris 3550; 3,5-Dimethylthio-2,4-toluenediamine; DimethylthioToluene Diamie; ethyl thio-toluene diamine; erjialiujiaernjiabenan; Dimethylthiotoluenediamine (mixture of isomers); 3,5-di(methylthio)toluenediamine; TIANFUCHEM–106264-79-3 — Bis(4-amino-2-chloro-3,5-diethylphenyl)methane factory price; DMTDA

Dimethyl thio-toluene Diamine DMTDA With Cas 106264-79-3
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