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Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate with CAS1847-58-1

MF: C14H29NaO5S
MW: 332.43
EINECS: 217-431-7
other name: Dodecylsodiumsulfoacetate; 2-Sulfoaceticaciddodecylestersodiumsalt; Sodiumlaurylsulfoacetate; (Sodiosulfo)aceticacidlaurylester; 2-(Sodiosulfo)aceticaciddodecylester; 2-[(Sodiooxy)sulfonyl]aceticacid1-laurylester; Dodecyloxycarbonylmethanesulfonicacidsodiumsalt

What is of Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate with CAS1847-58-1?

From the natural Houttuynia cordata, the active ingredient houttuyniacin with antibacterial activity is extracted, and its chemical name is DecanoyacetaLdehyde.

This pharmaceutical preparation has been widely used in clinical practice.  The drug has the functions of antibacterial, antiviral, enhancing immune function, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-leptospirosis.


Item Standard


Appearance  White powder
PH 5.00-7.50
Active mattter 65.00 MIN %
Moisture 3.00 MAX %
NaCI 10.00-18.00 %


New Houttuyniacin Sodium is an adduct of New Houttuyniacin and Sodium Bisulfite.

Since New Houttuyniacin is an oily substance, it is insoluble in water, and its solubility is increased after the addition.

Sodium is easy to precipitate during the storage process in solution state, resulting in increased adverse reactions during clinical application.

In addition, the new houttuyniacin sodium solution is sensitive to light, which can cause drug deterioration.


25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’container
25kgs/bag, 20tons/20’container

200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container
1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container