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Sodium cocoyl isethionate CAS61789-32-0 with 85%

Appearance: white particles
EINECS Number: 263-052-5
Purity: 85%
Sodium cocoyl isethionate 85%; SODIUM 2-HYDROXYETHANE COFA SULFONATE; coconutfattyacid,2-sulfoethylester,sodiumsalt; DISODIUM MANGANESE EDTA CONTENT 12.5

What is of Sodium cocoyl isethionate CAS 61789-32-0 with 85%?

Sodium cocoyl isethionate SCI,also called sodiumsalt,SCI,Jordaponci,sodium cocoylisothionate.

Mainly used in the production of personal care products, such as soap, shower gel, facial cleanser, foaming face wash and bath lotion, etc.

SCI has excellent water resistance, extremely low toxicity and good biodegradability.


Item Standard


Appearance White powder
Water% 1.50max
Activity(MW=343) % 84.00min.
Free fatty acid (mw=213) (%) 3.00- 10.00
Color(5% inisopropanol/water) 35max
Ph(10% in demin.water) 5.00-6.50


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) is a mild, lathering and stabilizing anionic surfactant.

For pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic raw materials, daily chemical raw materials and chemical intermediates



25kgs/bag,20tons/20′ container