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Silicon dioxide with CAS 112945-52-5

what is of  Silicon dioxide with CAS 112945-52-5?

Fumed silica may be synthesized by high temperature hydrolysis of SiCl4 in O2(N2)/H2 flame. It is amorphous in nature and possesses very high specific area. The micro droplets of amorphous silica fuse into a branch and form a chain like agglomerate.

1.Quick details of  Silicon dioxide with CAS 112945-52-5

Classification:Silicon Dioxide
CAS No.:112945-52-5
Other Names:Fumed Silica
EINECS No.:23-25-059
Place of Origin:China
Grade Standard:Industrial Grade
Appearance:White Powder
Application:Coating,silicon rubber,etc
Model Number:HC1226
Particle size:400-3000
BET surface Area:150±15 ㎡/g
PH Value:3.8~4.2
Heating Loss(105℃ 2h):≤1.5 wt%
Ignition Loss(1000℃ 2h):≤2.0 wt%
Bulk Density:40~60 g/l
Surface Treatment:No
Description of Silicon dioxide with CAS 112945-52-5
Particle size 400-3000
BET surface Area 150±15 ㎡/g
PH Value 3.8~4.2
Heating Loss(105℃ 2h) ≤1.5 wt%
Ignition Loss(1000℃ 2h) ≤2.0 wt%
Bulk Density 40~60 g/l
Fe2O3 ≤0.003
Al2O3 ≤0.002
Chloride ≤0.0056
Surface Treatment No


Synthetic Amorphous Silica has interesting thickening and thixotropic properties, and an enormous external surface area. It is produced by a vapor phase hydrolysis process using chlorosilanes or substituted silanes such as, silicon tetrachloride in a flame of hydrogen and oxygen. This material is formed and collected in a dry state. This product contains no detectable crystalline silica.