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Linolenic acid with CAS 463-40-1

What is Linolenic acid?

Gamma-linolenic acid, or 18-carbon trienoic acid, is one of the essential fatty acids in the human body. It is a precursor substance for the synthesis of a series of prostaglandins in the human body.It is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced in the body. For assessment of total antioxidant activity in serum and bacteria

1.Quick details of Linolenic acid

Molecular Formula:C18H30O2
Melting point -11 °C(lit.)

Boiling point 230-232 °C1 mm Hg(lit.)

Density 0.914 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

2.Specification of Linolenic acid

Appearance Light yellow to yellow clear liquid
Purity  ≥99.00%
Acid value mgKOH/kg 195-205
Saponification Value mgKOH/g 197-203
Peroxide meq/kg ≤20

3.Application of  Linolenic acid

Physiological effects of alpha-linolenic acid: enhance intelligence, improve memory, protect eyesight, and improve sleep. Inhibit thrombotic diseases, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Lower blood lipids. hypotensive. Inhibits hemorrhagic stroke. Prevent allergies. Nutritional supplements are essential fatty acids used in pharmaceutical and biochemical research. It is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced in the body.

4.Packing of Linolenic acid

200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container

COA of Linolenic acid