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Dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid with CAS27176-87-0 in stock

Molecular Formula:C18H30O3S
Molecular weight:326.49
EINECS No:248-289-4
Synonyms: NAXEL AAS-98S; N-DODECYLBENZENESULFONIC ACID; bio-softs100; calsoftlas99; dobanicacid83; dobanicacidjn;

What is Dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid  CAS27176-87-0?

Alkyl benzene is colorless or yellowish transparent, no suspended matter liquid, is the main raw material of domestic detergent products. All kinds of civil detergents produced from industrial straight chain alkyl benzene have the characteristics of strong detergents, good sterilization effect, no residue and no pollution.


Item Standard


Appearance Brown liquid
Active matter (alkyl benzene acid)% ≥96%
Free oil % ≤2.00
Sulfuric acid % ≤1.50
Color(5%  am.aq.sol.)klett ≤50


It can be used as a curing catalyst for amino baking paint.

It is used to prepare various liquid and solid detergents

It is used as laundry detergent, laundry cream, industrial detergent raw material


200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container
1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container