Dibutyl sebacate DBS CAS109-43-3

Molecular formula:C18H34O4
Molecular weight:314.46
Synonyms: DIBUTYLSEBACATE,TECH.; dibutyl-1,10-decanedioate; Decanedioicaciddibutyl; Dibutylsebacate,Sebacicaciddibutylester; DibutylChemicalbookSebacate(1mL)(AS)

CAS: 109-43-3
MF: C18H34O4
EINECS: 203-672-5
Dibutyl sebacate DBS CAS109-43-3
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What is Dibutyl sebacate ?

Dibutyl sebacate is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, It is obtained from the esterification of sebacic acid and butanol under the catalysis of sulfuric acid. The amount of catalyst is 0.3%, the temperature is 130-140°C, the esterification is about 4-6 hours under normal pressure, and 0.Chemicalbook1-0.3% activated carbon is added during esterification. The crude ester obtained is neutralized, dealcoholized and filtered to obtain the finished product. The raw material sebacic acid is prepared from castor oil. Raw material consumption (kg/t) sebacic acid 665 butanol 525.Slightly soluble in water, and soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone, and benzene. Used as a cold-resistant plasticizer for synthetic rubber, spice preparation, and organic synthesis.


Item Standard
Ester Content(%)≥       99.0
Acidity Value mgKOH/g≤ 0.03


Colour(APHA)≤  40
Loss on Heating(%)≤






Colorless transparent oily liquid
Moisture(%)≤ 0.15


1. Dibutyl sebacate used as cold-resistant plasticizer and spice for synthetic rubber. Mainly used for preparing fruit-based flavors. Plasticizer (used in packaging materials).
2. Cold-resistant plasticizer, compatible with most resins and synthetic rubber, and can be used as the main plasticizer. This product is non-toxic and can be used in packaging materials that come into contact with food. The products have a good feel. This product is used as a plasticizer for many synthetic rubbers, giving products excellent low-temperature properties and oil resistance. The main disadvantage of this product is that it has a large volatilization loss and is easily extracted by water, soapy water and detergent solutions, so it is often used together with phthalate plasticizers.
3. Dibutyl sebacate used as gas chromatography stationary solution, plasticizer and rubber softener. It is also used in spice preparation and organic synthesis.
4. Gas chromatography stationary solution (maximum operating temperature is 75°C, solvent is ethanol, ether). Separation and analysis of hydrocarbons and esters. Plasticizer. Rubber softener. Cosmetics, fragrances. condiment.


190kg/drum,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature

Dibutyl sebacate

Dibutyl sebacate DBS CAS109-43-3
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