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Copper Calcium Titanate CCTO With 99.5% Purity For Electric


Synonyms: Copper calcium titanate; CCTO

Molecular Formula:CaCuO6Ti2

Molecular Weight:295.3544

Appearance:Brown powder


Product Categories: Inorganic salts,fine chemical material

What Is Copper calcium titanate CCTO

Calcium copper titanate, also known as CCTO, is a high dielectric constant inorganic energy storage material and one of the best materials for making super capacitors. The higher the dielectric constant of the dielectric material, the greater the energy that can be stored. CCTO has an abnormal giant dielectric constant and extremely low loss (tg δ ≈ 0.03), CCTO has high thermal stability, and the dielectric constant value remains unchanged in a wide temperature range (100~600K).


Specification of Copper calcium titanate CCTO

Appearance Brown powder
Dielectric constant( ε) 129805
Dielectric loss (tg δ) 0.43
Density (g/cm3) 6.2
D50 Fineness 5.0~7.2 μ m
D90 fineness 7.0~9.2 μ m
Level Industrial grade


Application of Copper calcium titanate CCTO

  • CCTO can be used in capacitor, resistor and new energy battery industries.
  • CCTO can be applied to dynamic random storage memory, or DRAM.
  • CCTO can be used in electronics, new battery, solar cell, new energy automobile battery industry, etc.
  • CCTO can be used for high-end aerospace capacitors, solar panels, etc..


Package And Storage Of Copper calcium titanate CCTO

25kgs bag or requirement of clients. Keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.