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Clemastinefumarate with CAS 14976-57-9

what is of  Clemastinefumarate with CAS 14976-57-9?

The fumaric acid salt of clemastine. An antihistamine with antimuscarinic and moderate sedative properties, it is used for the symptomatic relief of allergic conditions such as rhinitis, urticaria, conjunctivitis and in pruritic (severe itching) skin condi ions.

1.Quick details of Clemastinefumarate with CAS 14976-57-9

CAS No.:196194-58-8 147118-30-7 2611-67-8
Other Names:141761-83-3 1222-05-5 79673-53-3
Melting point  158-162°C
alpha  D21 +16.9° (methanol)
Boiling point  154°C (rough estimate)
density  1.0247 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.5790 (estimate)
MF: C25H30ClNO5
storage temp.  2-8°C
solubility  DMSO: soluble5mg/mL (clear solution; warmed)
form  powder
color  white to beige

2.Description of Clemastinefumarate with CAS 14976-57-9

Product Name: Clemastine fumarate
Synonyms: CLEMASTINE FUMARATE;CLEMASTINE FUMARATE SALT;(+)-2-(2-((p-chloro-alpha-methyl-alpha-phenylbenzyl)oxy)ethyl)-1-methylpyrro;(+)-2-(2-((p-chloro-alpha-methyl-alpha-phenylbenzyl)oxy)ethyl)-1-methylpyrroli;(+)-lfumarate(1:1);1-methyl-2-(2-(methyl-p-chlorodiphenylmethyloxy)ethyl)pyrrolidine;(2R)-2-[2-[(1R)-1-(4-CHLOROPHENYLETHOXY)]ETHYL]-1-METHYL-2-PYRROLIDINE FUMARATE;2-(2-(1-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-phenylethoxy)ethyl)-1-methylpyrrolidine
CAS: 14976-57-9
MF: C25H30ClNO5
MW: 459.96
EINECS: 239-055-2
Product Categories: antianaphylaxis;TAVIST;Histaminergics;Antagonists;Neurotransmitters;Aromatics;Chiral Reagents;Heterocycles;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals
Mol File: 14976-57-9.mol


Clemastine fumarate is a selective histamine H1 receptor antagonist (Ki = 0.26 nM) that also displays high affinity for muscarinic receptors (Ki = 16 nM). It has also recently been identified as a positive allosteric modulator of P2X7 receptor signaling. Clemastine fumarate has long been used to inhibit histamine-induced bronchoconstriction in asthma and airway hyperresponsive studies.