Aluminum hydroxide with CAS 21645-51-2

CAS No.:21645-51-2
Other Names:Aluminum hydroxide
EINECS No.:244-492-7
Place of Origin:China
Grade Standard:Industrial Grade
Appearance:white powder
CAS: 21645-51-2
MF: AlH6O3
Purity: 99%
Aluminum hydroxide with CAS 21645-51-2
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1.what is of  AluminumHydroxide with CAS 21645-51-2?

aluminium hydroxide: A white crystalline compound, Al(OH)3; r.d. 2.42-2.52. The compound occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite (monoclinic). In the laboratory it can be prepared by precipitation from solutions of aluminium salts. Such solutions contain the hexaquoaluminium( III) ion with six water molecules coordinated, [Al(H2O)6]3+.

2.Description of  Aluminum hydroxide with CAS 21645-51-2

Technical specification
Al2O3 (%)
SiO2 (%)
Max 0.08
Fe2O3 (%)
Max 0.04
Na2O (%)
Max 0.45
Al(OH)3 (%)
Moisture content (RT-110), (%)
Around 0.3
Mesh size (D50) micron


1. Chemical raw materials Because aluminum hydroxide can be produced on a large scale, the raw materials are sufficient, the product purity is high, and it is easily soluble in acid and alkali. Therefore, aluminum hydroxide is an important raw material for preparing aluminum salts, such as barium aluminate, aluminum sulfate, etc.

2. Flame retardant aluminum hydroxide powder is usually regarded as an ideal material for plastics, unsaturated polyester, rubber and other organic polymers because it has the functions of filling, flame retardant and smoke elimination and is non-toxic and harmless. Flame retardant filler. Flame retardant mechanism of aluminum hydroxide: When the temperature exceeds 200°C, aluminum hydroxide begins to endothermically decompose and release three crystal waters. Its decomposition rate is maximum at around 250°C. That is to say: this reaction is a strong endothermic reaction, which inhibits the increase in polymer temperature, reduces its decomposition rate, and only produces water vapor, without generating toxic and harmful gases.

3. Ceramic aluminum hydroxide is roasted at high temperature to obtain alumina, which has high thermochemical stability, thermal strength, creep resistance, dielectric properties and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is an important material for synthetic ceramics. During the ceramic synthesis process, aluminum hydroxide activates and controls the crystallization process, thereby controlling the phase formation of the composite material.

4. Sewage treatment aluminum hydroxide in water
Mainly Al(OH)4-, it can precipitate the toxic heavy metals in the sewage through co-precipitation and then filter it to achieve the effect of water purification. Aluminum hydroxide has a high specific surface area and can adsorb colloids, suspended solids, dyes, organic matter, etc. in sewage on the surface.

5. Catalyst carrier: During the preparation process of aluminum hydroxide, target products with different specific surface areas, pore volumes, pore structures and crystal structures are prepared by controlling the temperature, concentration and pH of the reactants. It can be effectively used as a catalyst carrier in various applications. Hydrogenation of saturated carbonyl compounds, preparation of fullerenes, etc.

6. Aluminum hydroxide in the papermaking industry has high whiteness, ultra-fine particle size, complete crystal form, and strong compatibility with whitening agents. Using it as an additive for coatings and resins can effectively improve the whiteness, opacity, smoothness and inkability of coated paper.




Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide with CAS 21645-51-2
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