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1H-TETRAZOLE with CAS 288-94-8

what is of  1H-TETRAZOLE with CAS 288-94-8?

Tetrazole is a class of synthetic organic heterocyclic compound containing a 5-member ring of four nitrogen atoms and one carbon atom. It appears as an odorless white to light-yellow crystalline powder.

1.Quick details of 1H-TETRAZOLE with CAS 288-94-8

CAS No.:288-94-8
Other Names:Tetrazole
EINECS No.:288-94-8
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Grade Standard:Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade
Appearance:White powder
Application:Raw material
Model Number:HHS 288-94-8
Molecular Formula:CH2N4
CAS Registry Number:288-94-8
Molecular Weight:70.05

2.Description of  1H-TETRAZOLE with CAS 288-94-8

Product Name 1H-TETRAZOLE
CAS No.: 288-94-8 Quantity 150KG
Rep Date May 13, 2014 Batch NO. 20140513
MFG. Date May 13, 2014 Expiry Date May 12, 2016


1H-Tetrazole is used as a bioisostere for the carboxylate group. It is also used as coupling reagent for preparation of polynucleotides.