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How to choose the right toothpaste?

How to choose the right toothpaste?

Summer is coming, in the face of hot weather, ice cones, ice cream, ice cream, ice drinks will also be loved by everyone. However, let go of the consequences of eating, but also give caries a chance, many people after eating cold food, there may be a toothache problem.

Toothache is a very painful thing, so it is also very important to protect dental health and oral hygiene. For example: eat less sugary, sticky and acidic foods, rinse your mouth after meals and snacks, brush your teeth and floss properly every day, etc. However, a lot of people clearly attach great importance to the protection of teeth, can still appear caries, this is why?

The problem is likely to be toothpaste, with the wrong toothpaste! Is it a choice of fluoride toothpaste or non-fluoride toothpaste? From the point of view of preventing caries, fluoride toothpaste has been fully recognized by the dental community, using fluoride toothpaste to brush teeth is recognized as a safe and effective measure to prevent caries.

Among anti-caries toothpastes, sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate are representative ingredients. In comparison with the same fluoride content, the caries prevention effect of these two components is theoretically similar, so from the point of view of caries prevention, the two choices are the same. In terms of the whitening effect. Phosphate components can be combined with calcium ions in dental stones, can effectively reduce the formation of dental stones, so as to achieve the effect of teeth whitening. Sodium monofluorophosphate is a little stronger for tooth whitening.

How to choose the right toothpaste

How to choose the right toothpaste?

Adults can choose fluoride toothpaste; People with sensitive teeth can choose anti-acid toothpaste; Children are advised to use special children’s toothpaste; Pregnant women can choose salt toothpaste; Love inverted teeth can be desensitized toothpaste; Patients with periodontal disease may consider herbal toothpaste.

Fluoride content

2 to 5 years old can use 0.05% fluoride toothpaste, 6 to 11 years old can use 0.1% fluoride toothpaste, over 12 years old can use 0.15% fluoride toothpaste.

The effect of different kinds of fluoride toothpastes on preventing caries was the same whether they contained mono – or difluoride. So we must do a good job of teeth cleaning, oral care, brushing teeth, as far as possible to avoid bacteria breeding in the mouth.

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