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VANADIUM(IV) OXIDE cas 12036-21-4 with 99.9% purity


Molecular Formula:O2V

Molecular Weight:82.94


Synonyms: Vanadium oxide (VO2); vanadiumoxide(vo2); VO2; VANADIUM OXIDE; VANADIUM(IV) OXIDE; VANADIUM DIOXIDE; Vanadium(Ⅳ)oxide; VANADIUM(IV) OXIDE, 99.9%

What Is VANADIUM(IV) OXIDE Cas 12036-21-4

Vanadium dioxide (VO2) is a strongly correlated electron system binary oxide. Due to the strong interactions between its internal electrons, orbitals, lattice, and spin, changes in local electrons and crystal structure caused by small external stimuli can induce VO2 to undergo reversible metal transformation. The crystal structure, resistance, infrared transmittance, refractive index and magnetic susceptibility of VO2 change dramatically. It is precisely because of the phase transition temperature near room temperature and the sudden changes in physical and chemical properties before and after the phase transition that VO2 has a very broad application prospect in electronics, military, daily life, and other fields.


Appearance Dark grey powder
Particle Size 100-200nm
Si 11ppm
Fe 23ppm
S 20ppm
As 10ppm
Cr 15ppm
Na 20ppm
K 24ppm
Cl 13ppm
Zr 5ppm
Al 7ppm
Content ≥99.9%


Vanadium(IV) oxide is used in chemical sensors, energy-conserving coatings, transparent conductors and switching materials. It acts as a stationary optical shutter, optical modulators, cameras and data storage. As infrared modulators, it is used for the missile guidance systems. Thin films made up of vanadium dioxide find applications in electro-optical switches, micro-optical switch, passive smart radiators and sunshields for spacecraft.


 25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’containerPacking