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Sulfonated castor oil with CAS 8002-33-3

what is of  Sulfonated castor oil with CAS 8002-33-3?

Sulphonated castor oil (also known as: Sulphated castor oil, Turkey red oil) is an anionic surfactant.

1.Quick details of Sulfonated castor oil with CAS 8002-33-3

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:8002-33-3
Other Names:Sulfonated Castor Oil
EINECS No.:232-306-7
Adsorbent Variety:Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries
Usage:Textile Auxiliary Agents
Product Name:Sulfonated Castor Oil,Turkey Red Oil
Appearance:Yellow-brown thick oily transparent liquid
Application:Surface active agent
Oil content:40%-80%
PH value:7~9
Stability:Let stand for 3h without oil slick on the water surface

2.Description of Sulfonated castor oil with CAS 8002-33-3

Product Name
Sulfonated Castor Oil /Swire Oil/Turkey Red Oil
Product description
Taikoo Oil is an anionic surfactant.
Product performance
1. The product is yellow-brown thick oily transparent liquid.
2. It has excellent emulsification, permeability, diffusibility and wettability.
3. Easily soluble in water to form an emulsion.
4. Hard water resistance, acid resistance, and metal salt resistance are stronger than soap.
Quality Index
Yellow-brown transparent liquid
Oil content (%)
≥ 40.0
value 7-9
Emulsion stability
After being dissolved in water in any proportion, there is no oil slick on the water surface after standing for 3 hours.


 It can be used as fiber fabric finishing agent, fiber treatment agent, softener, smoothing agent, wetting agent and dyeing auxiliary agent.


200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container