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Ninhydrin hydrate CAS 485-47-2 With High Purity


Molecular Formula:C9H6O4

Molecular Weight:178.14

Appearance:White to brownish-white Crystals or Powder


Synonyms:NINHYDRIN, ACS;NINHYDRIN MONOHYDRATE ACS REAGENT;NINHYDRIN R.G.;NINHYDRIN SIGMA GRADE CRYSTALLINE;NinhydrinA.R.;NinhydrinGr-(IndanetrioneHydrate);NinhydrinGr;Ninhydrin99%;Ninhydrin 99%;

What Is Ninhydrin hydrate

Ninhydrin hydrate is a hydrate of ninhydrin. Molecular formula C9H6O4. Molecular weight 178.14. Pale yellow columnar crystal. The melting point is 241°C (decomposition). It turns red when heated above 100°C. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in ether, chloroform.
Appearance Light yellow solid Complies
Assay:HPLC ≧98.0% 99.44%


Reagents and chromatographic analysis reagents for the determination of proteins, amino acids and peptones.


25kg drum or requirement of clients. Keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.

Ninhydrin hydrate CAS 485-47-2

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