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MTMS with CAS 1185-55-3

what is of  MTMS with CAS 1185-55-3?

Trimethoxymethylsilane (MTM) is an organosilicon compound widely used as a precursor for the preparation of silica-based materials, which finds the applications in various fields. Particularly in molecular assembly, linking nano building blocks, and selective synthesis oligosiloxane compounds. It can also be utilized as a crosslinker in the synthesis of polysiloxane polymers.

1.Quick details of  MTMS with CAS 1185-55-3

CAS No.:1185-55-3
Other Names:Trimethoxy(methyl)silane
EINECS No.:214-685-0
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Type:Syntheses Material Intermediates
Model Number:HH1185-55-3
Application:Coupling agent
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Product name:Methyltrimethoxysilane
Density:0.955 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Molecular weight:136.22
Boiling point:102-104 °C(lit.)
Melting point:<-70°C
Flashing point:52 °F
Refractive index:1.3695±0.0050
Storage:Cool Dried Storage

2.Description of MTMS with CAS 1185-55-3

Items Specifications
Product name Methyltrimethoxysilane
CAS 1185-55-3
Refractive index 1.3695±0.0050


Methyltrimethoxysilane(MTMS) in combination with iron nitrate altered the pore structure dramatically. As the Crosslinking agent of RTV silicone rubber and glass fiber surface treatment agent and talk to agents outside of reinforced plastic laminated products in order to improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance. Methyltrimethoxysilane is used as an acid scavenger, for example in the formation of substituted azulenes from allenylsilanes and tropyl-ium tetrafluoroborate.