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Mercaptoacetic acid CAS68-11-1

what is the Mercaptoacetic acid cas 68-11-1?

The pure product is colorless and transparent liquid, and the industrial product is colorless to slightly yellow.

Miscible with water, ethanol and ether. Mainly used as raw material for blanket finishing agent and cold ironing liquid or as chemical reagent

Quick details of Mercaptoacetic acid CAS68-11-1

Product Name: Mercaptoacetic acid

CAS: 68-11-1


MW: 92.12

EINECS: 200-677-4

Melting point: −16°C(lit.)

Boiling point: 96°C5mmHg(lit.)

Density: 1.326g/mL at 20°C(lit.)

Air density: 3.2 (vsair)

Vapor pressure ;0.4mmHg (25°C)

Refractive index: n20/D1.505(lit.)

Flash point: 126°C

Description of Mercaptoacetic acid

Appearance A colorless or yellowish liquid
TGA% ≥99%Min
Fe(mg/kg) ≤0.5
Relative density 1.28-1.4

Application of Mercaptoacetic acid

Mainly used as curling agent, depilatory agent, polyvinyl chloride low-toxic or non-toxic stabilizer, polymerization initiator,accelerator and chain transfer agent, metal surface treatment agent
Important chemical raw materials

Packing of Mercaptoacetic acid

25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’container
25kgs/bag, 20tons/20’container

200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container
1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container