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Gellan gum Cas 71010-52-1 Gelritegellanguri With 99%min

Appearance:White powder
Synonyms:AGAR SUBSTITUTE GELLING AGENT;phytagel plant cell culture tested;GELRITEGELLANGURI;GELLAN GUM POWDER;Agar substitute gelling agent, Gellan Gum;GelzanTM CM;K9A-40;GELRITE
Product Categories:Organic Chemistry
Package:25kg Drum

What Is Gellan gum

Gellan gum is an almost white powder, odorless and tasteless substance. Its most important feature is that it can form a gel at a low concentration (0.05%). Generally, it is firstly dispersed in water (insoluble in cold water), heated to 75°C for hydration, then added with appropriate cationic chemical booklets, heated to 80-90°C, and forms a gel after cooling. The gel is reversible to heat, but if the type and concentration of cations are properly controlled, the gel can still maintain a gel state at a relatively high temperature (100°C).


Color White Complies
Organization Status Powder Complies
Gellan Gum content 85.0%-108.0% 99.1%
Loss on drying ≦15.0% 8.6%
Lead ≦2ppm ﹤1ppm
Particle size 60Mesh ≧95% 99.8%
Transparency ≧85% 87.0%
Gel strength ≧900g/cm² 1197g/cm²
Ash ≦15% 7.8%
PH 0.5% Solution 5.0-7.0 6.6
Bacterium account ≦10000 CFU/g


Max.100 Mold and Yeast CFU/g

No Escherichia Coli /g

No Pseudomonas aeruginosa /g

No Salmonella /10g

No staphylocccus aureus /g


Coliform group ≦30MPN/100g ﹤30MPN/100g
Salmonella 0/25g Not detected
Mold and yeast ≦400CFU/g ﹤10CFU/g


Biochemical research. Gelling agent. Phytagel is a substitute for agar secreted from Pseudomonas. It is a mixture of glucuronic acid, rhamnose and glucose. It is colorless, transparent and high-toughness. It is used to prepare plant Chemicalbook tissue culture medium and The main component of microbial culture medium. Because it overcomes the inherent defects of traditional agar in plant tissue culture and brings a new revolution to botany research, it has become an internationally recognized product of choice for plant tissue culture.


25kg DRUM or requirement of clients.