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Cuprous oxide CAS 1317-39-1 With Purity 99%

Molecular Formula:Cu2O
Molecular Weight:143.09
Appearance:Red Powder
Synonyms:redcopp92;redcopp97;CUPROUS OXIDE;CUPROUS OXIDE, RED;Curpous oxide;Copperoxideminredpowder;COPPER(I) OXIDE NANOSPHERES, 10% W/V DI&;Copper(I) oxide, anhydrous, powder, 99.99+% metals basis;COPPER(I) OXIDE, POWDER, <5 MICRON, 97%;CuprousOxideRedExtraPure;COPPER(I) OXIDE RED ( CU2O);CUPROUS OXIDE;STABILIZED

What Is Cuprous oxide

Cuprous oxide is dark red cubic crystal or orange-yellow crystalline powder, which is poisonous. Although it can exist stably in dry air, it is gradually oxidized into copper oxide in humid air.


Cu2O total reducing power ≧98.00% 99.03%
Metallire Copper ≦1.00% 0.49%
Cuprous Oxide ≧97.00% 97.93%
Total Copper ≧87.00%


Chloride ≦0.10% 0.028%
Sulphate ≦0.10% 0.001%
Water ≦0.30% 0.10%
Residue on Sieve(325mesh) ≦0.30% 0.017%


Cuprous oxide can be used as a coloring agent (red) for making red glass, red enamel, ceramics, ship bottom paint, fungicide for crops, organic synthesis catalyst, rectifier material and ship bottom paint, etc. It is also used in electroplating industry and organic synthesis catalyst .


25kg drum or requirement of clients. Keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.

Cuprous oxide
Cuprous oxide

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